Issue 13 and Volume 41.

METERAGE. The water board of St. Paul, Minn., has lost its appeal in the case of Gordon & Ferguson against the city, which was tried in the Ramsey District court. The case concerned meter rates, and at the first hearing the water board was defeated, on the ground that the rates fixed hy its rules were “arbitrary, exorbitant, and unreasonable,” and, therefore, void. The case was appealed to the Supreme court, which, in part, upheld the contentions of the water board that a charge should be imposed, but states that that charge must be “reasonable and impartial.” The plaintiffs have in operation in their building an automatic sprinkling system as a safeguard against fires. A large tank, located on the roof of the building, provides a pressure in the pipes equal to the pressure obtainable from the city mains. The plaintiffs, at their own expense, had connected their sprinkling system…

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