Issue 13 and Volume 41.

CATSKILL SUPPLY AQUEDUCT HELD UP. Comptroler Metz has declined to ratify an agreement between the New York city board of water supply and the Cranford company for borings and surveys under the Hudson river at the estimated cost of $450,000. He contends that the contract should have been made by public letting and referred the question to the corporation counsel. The comptroler insists that not even the board of estimate has the right to conclude such an arrangement without first advertising for bids. I bis agreement was executed on February 23. and provides for borings and shafts to determine the character of rock under the Hudson river at Little Stony point, where the commission desires to bring the aqmduct for the Cat skill water supply for New York city under the river. It may be added that, since it has been in existence, the new board has contracted liabilities under…

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