Issue 13 and Volume 41.

BUSY TIMES AT HORNELL. From the night of Saturday, March 23, on which was a threatening fire in an outhouse, to Monday, March 25, the firemen of Hornell, N. Y., under Chief Hederman, had a busy time attending to fires, one of which was of a very serious character. It broke out on Sunday afternoon in the big cold-storage plant of M. A. Tuttle on East avenue extension, beyond the city limits. As it happened, Chief Hederman was entertaining seven or eight prominent fire chiefs of the State, and these all took the long run with him on the truck and helped the local firemen. The fire, which had broken out in the office from an unknown cause, had got into the partitions and eaten its way up to, and through the roof. Three streams of water were thrown on it. and the building, which was of wood, escaped with…

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