Issue 13 and Volume 41.

A RISKY RESCUE. At a recent fire in a Third avenue tenement house, Manhattan, New York, Fireman Dugan of truck No. 7 made an heroic rescue of a woman living on the fourth floor, who could not escape because of the smoke from the first floor, which was burned out. As she leaned from the window and was evidently about to jump to the sidewalk, Fireman Dugan darted into the building next door and ran to the fourth floor. He then climbed out of the window upon a ledge less than 8 ins. wide and made his way carefully towards the woman. The woman had climbed out of the window and had one foot upon the ledge when Dugan reached her and held her up. After a long wait, a ladder was raised, and two firemen hurried to Dugan’s aid. They carried Mrs. Werner, who had become unconscious, to the…

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