Issue 14 and Volume 41.

BETTER FIRE PROTECTION AT LAWRENCE. Lawrence, Mass., has greatly improved its fire protection in the congested-value district. It has increased its water supply by a 150 lbs. static pressure, reservoir supply, 10-in. fire main surrounding eight blocks bounded by Essex, Union, Common streets and Broadway, the loop being subdivided by a 10-in. connecting pipe on Lawrence street. The whole system is fed by a 3.000,000-gal. city standpipe on Tow-er Hill, one mile northwest of the city postoffice, through a 12-in. main on Haverhill street, a 12-in. main at the junction of Lawrence and Haverhill streets connecting with a loop at Law-rence and Common streets. There are thirty-six three-way 2⅝in. hose-connections, with Mathews curb hydrants along the loop, spaced 250 ft. This fire main is reserved for the congested-value district fires as a supply to sprinklers and inside hose-connections. It is now proposed by the city to connect the loop with…

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