Issue 14 and Volume 41.

WATER PURIFICATION OF ILLINOIS The University of Illinois has recently concluded a chemical and biological survey of the waters of the State of Illinois, the director being Edward Bartow, Ph. D. This State Survey was provided in 1895, and, as a result, there has been considerable development along the line of research. That development includes the establish ment and equipment of a laboratory for the bacteriological examination of water, and several co-operative agreements between other State and university bodies, whose researches have a similar trend. From 1895 up to January 1, 1906, 13,873 samples of the various water supplies had been received, and during 1899 and 1900, 2,800 analyses were made for the sanitary district of Chicago during the investigation of the effect of the Chicago drainage canal on the water of the Illinois river. The local analyses were those of test wells and the study of the effects of…

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