Issue 14 and Volume 41.

FIRE TRUCK DRIVER KILLED. Our Newark correspondent writes that on Easter Sunday, Edward Hizer, driver of fire truck No. 1 of the Trenton, N. J., fire department, was instantly killed while answering an alarm of fire. He was thrown from the truck, and one of the front wheels passed over him. His neck was broken, and he was badly crushed about the chest. Hizer was warned about the holes along the streets, and he seemed to be aware of them. As he passed along Tyrrell avenue, however, just as the truck reached a hole about 3 ft. square in the brick pavement between the trolley tracks, he steered the three horses to the left, so as to be able to pass a wagon ahead of him. The left front wheel went into the hole, which is several inches deep, and Hizer was thrown from the high seat onto the swingletree.…

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