Issue 14 and Volume 41.

CHIEF QUIGLEY HONORED. Chief John P. Quigley has been for ten years head of the fire department of Syracuse, N. Y., his subordinate officers and the men in the ranks determined to show their appreciation of him as a commander and a veteran fireman. They accordingly subscribed for, and purchased at a cost of $350 a very handsome, solid diamondstudded, gold badge about two inches in diameter. At the top is a flying eagle; in the centre the insignia of the department—water hydrants in the form of a star. Round this in horseshoe shape and in blue enamel is the inscription “Syracuse Fire Department.” Beneath in large raised gold letters is the word “Chief.” Acorn leaves, etc., are also used in embellishing the badge. At the extreme bottom is a 1 1/2 carat diamond, which may be taken out and used in a stud, when desired. On the reverse of…

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