Issue 16 and Volume 41.

CHIEF C. N. HUMASON Chief C. N. Humason, who is head of the Lufkin, Tex., fire department, is a Southwestern firefighter, always on the spot, never shirking danger, himself a leader of the “Come-on,” not the “Go-on” type. Lufkin is a small town, with a small population and a small ten-acre fire-area. But within its limits are many valuable pieces of property in the way of brick, iron and wooden business buildings and residences. Wisely its municipal authorities have had an ordinance passed forbidding wooden roofs, whereby one great source of danger from fire is avoided. Further protection is guaranteed by a well-trained and efficient volunteer fire department of some twenty-five or thirty men. When occasion offers, these are summoned by an alarm-bell and bring into action a hook and ladder truck, two hosereels and a good supply of cotton, rubber-lined hose. Within the fire-limits are set hydrants averaging nearly…

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