Issue 16 and Volume 41.

CHIEF JOHN C. EGNER. The successor of former Chief Edward Trickett, now fire marshal at Kansas City, Mo., is John C. Egner, an expert fireman of that city’s fire department for about twenty-three years. His appointment by the mayor was dictated altogether by the sense of his fitness; politics had nothing, and are to have nothing to do with the department in the future. It is to be conducted purely and simply on civil service methods. On March 21 Chief Egner became fireman and was assigned to hook and ladder company No. 1 as a private. He performed such good ami faithful service as to be, in a few vears, made its foreman. On November 30, ii, he was made secretary to the chief of the department, and acting assistant chief. When Assistant Chief J. Maguire retired ten years ago, Egner was given charge of his district and all the…

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