Issue 16 and Volume 41.

PROGRESS AT WELLESLEY. Wellesley, Mass., keeps extending its waterworks system. During 1906, 2,322 ft. of 2-in. cement-lined pipe were laid to meet 1 3/4-in. laid in another street; about 1,270 ft. of 10-in. was laid, so as to afford better fire protection to the new High school, the old 4-in. pipe being removed. The water supply was adequate during the whole year, and the works are in good condition. The cost of the works to January 1, 1907, is $348,245.26, an increase of $6,5×8.57 during the year. The water debt is $287,000, from which should be deducted the amount of the sinking fund, which, as shown te the report of the sinking fund commissioners, is $145,805.85. There are now thirty-three miles and 953 ft. of pipe—an increase of 5,0×8 ft. during the year. There are 995 takers—an increase of thirty-one during the year. The water commissioners call attention to the…

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