Issue 16 and Volume 41.

NEW JEESEY WATER NOTES. At the hearings of the suit brought by Jersey City against the Jersey City Water Supply company, the origin of which is the alleged unsatisfactory condition of the city’s new water supply, the experts are, of course, at variance on the results of the bacteriological tests. It is asserted by the defence that, by reason of the sedimentation which is alleged to take place in the Boonton reservoir, bacteria are almost entirely eliminated from the water. The complainants, on the contrary, contend that the samples taken from the Christ hospital lavatory and tested in the usual way showed many colonies of bacilli, and it was also positively declared that witnesses had seen deleterious matter discharging direct into the Rockaway river, the results of which had been shown in court. It was contended by the defence that, after sedimentation by gravity, the water of the river is…

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