Issue 16 and Volume 41.

SALT-WATER SYSTEM FOR SAN FRANCISCO. City Engineer Woodward, of San Francisco, has filed with the board of works of that city a preliminary report on the proposed high-pressure auxiliary salt-water system for better fire protection, and he expects to have the required plans and estimates of cost ready early next month. The area to be protected—about 3,000 acres—was determined upon after consultation with the chief of the fire department, the secretary of the Merchants’ association and a number of the local representatives of the insurance companies. The system, as at present outlined, will consist of a net-work of pipes, two fresh water reservoirs for supplying water under ordinary conditions, three auxiliary salt-water pumping stations located on the water front for use in the event of a general conflagration, two fireboats, a number of cisterns located at points of vantage in the residence and business districts, and an independent telephone service…

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