Issue 18 and Volume 41.

METERAGE. The total number of meters in use in Wilmington, Del., at the end of the year was 4,098, an increase of 669 during the year. Of this number about 3,000 are on private dwellings. Of the total amount of revenue received from water rents 51.5 per cent, is from metered service, representing 64.4 per cent, of the total quantity consumed. The domestic water-waste showed a perceptible falling off last year. Haverhill, Mass., shows a small percentage of meters set in comparison to the number of services reported for last year. The population of the city is 39,000 and the daily per-capita consumption is 122.89 gals. The total number of taps is 5,796: number of meters set, 753. METERS SET AT HAVERHILL, MASS. Mayor Riddick, of Norfolk, Va., says that the city “has arrived at a point where meters must be used.” Crown meters are being set on all business…

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