Issue 18 and Volume 41.

CORRESPONDENCE A MILWAUKEE FIRE. To FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING: In looking through your valuable paper of the 20th ult., 1 find you note that a fire occurred here on the 17th. I know not where you get your information from: but do know that your quotation on that fire was not fair to this department. Any one reading your article would be under the impression that poor work was done, whereas, in fact, the department was complimented upon. The fire occurred at 12:35 a. m., and was discovered by a citizen who notified the members of the enginehouse directly opposite the building. The fire was then bursting out of the windows on the fourth floor, which was well stocked, and was confined to the section of the floor where it originated. The insurance carried on the stock was $203,000; on the building, $70,000. The loss was estimated as not exceeding…

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