Issue 18 and Volume 41.

HIGH-PRESSURE SYSTEM FOR NEW YORK. It is the intention of the Department of Water Supply to use parts of the new high-pressure fire service plant, now being installed in the borough of Manhattan, New York, previous to the completion of the entire system. For this purpose a connection has been established between the Croton low-pressure service -the 48-in. main at Fifth avenue and Twenty-first street—and the new service pipes at Fifth avenue and Twenty first street. The district to be benefited by this plan is comprised within the following bounderies: Beginning at Twenty-second street and Fifth avenue, down Broadway and University place to Waverly place, westward through Waverly place and Christopher street to West street, northward through West to Sixteenth street, eastward through Sixteenth street to Seventh avenue, northward through Seventh avenue to Twenty-second street, with the exception of the block on Eighteenth strept from Sixth to Seventh avenues, and…

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