Issue 19 and Volume 41.

METERAGE. In the annual report of John T. Ahearn, Nashville, Tenn., for the past year, he says: “The meters continue to grow in favor with our consumers, and there was such a demand for meters the past year that our regular force in the meter department could not, in addition to their increased work, respond to all the applications from our consumers; therefore, we had to let a large number out by contract to the city plumbers, the city furnishing the meters and all necessary material to set it, the plumbers, doing all the work, according to our specifications, subject to our inspection and approval. The total number of meters in service on December 31, 1906, was 5,783—an increase of 852 during the year, of which 623 were set by the city and 229 were set, and are owned by the consumers. Sixty-one meters were taken out and service dispensed…

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