Issue 19 and Volume 41.

A GOOD WORD FOR THE GASOLINE ENGINE. The following is a copy of a testimonial received by the Waterous Engine Works company which speaks for itself: “WILLIAMSON, N. Y., March 11, 1907. “Waterous Engine Works Co., St. Paul, Minn. “Gentlemen:—We have just had a fire in a large storage warehouse and the engine certainly did fine work and paid for itself several time’s over. This is the first fire on which we have had occasion to use the engine since receiving it, and we feel that the money was well invested. The alarm was turned in at about 11:10 p. m. and it was about 11130 when we got a stream on the fire, as we were obliged to go afoot for about a mile with the temperature at 4° below zero. We ran one line of 400 ft. of 2 1/2-in. hose, with 1-in nozzle and one of 450…

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