Issue 19 and Volume 41.

CORRESPONDENCE RINGING OF FIRE ALARMS. TO FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING: Complaints are not unfrequcntly heard of the needless ringing of public and church bells or the protracted sounding of sirens or other whistles, when a general alarm calls out the fire department. In large cities where there is a firstclass department such a course of procedure is, of course, unnecessary to insure the presence of the firemen at a fire. But there are those cities and towns, which, while they have an electric fire-alarm telegraph system installed, must of necessity summon the call men or, if it is in no sense a paid or part paid department, by means of bells, sirens or whistles. In such places the members live all over the town or city, and, unless the very costly plan of having a fire-gong or a telephone installed in the house of every call man or volunteer officer…

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