Issue 19 and Volume 41.

WATER RATES. FORT SMITH, ARK. BAKERIES.—$8-$16. RESTA URA NTS.-$15-$40. Barbershops.—First chair, $3; each additional, $3. BATHTUBS.—Private, $2; public, $10. BANKS.—Full front, $8; half front, $5. BUILDING PURPOSES.—Per 1,000 brick, 5 cents; per perch stone, 5 cents; per 100 yards plaster, 30 cents. BUTCHER STALLS.—$8-$16. Churches.—Free. DYEING AND SCOURING.—$8-$2o. FOUNDRIES AND MACHINESHOPS.—$io-$30. FOUNTAINS.—1/8-in. orifice, $12; 3-16-in., $15. HOTELS AND BOARDINGHOUSES.—Special rates. LIVERY STABLES.-$2. OFFICES.-$4-$6. PHOTOGRAPH GALLERIES.—$10-$15. PRINTING OFFICES.—$5-$io. Laundries.—Special rates. SLEEPINGROOMS.-$4. RESIDENCES.—4 rooms or less, $6; each additional, $1. COW.—$2. Swine.—Per head, 50 cents. SODA FOUNTAIN.—$6-$10. Saloons.—$10-$40. SCHOOLS.—Free. Urinals.—Public, $5; private, $2. WATERCLOSET.—Private, $2; public, $5. WORKSHOP.—10 persons or less, $5. WATER Haulers.—Per brl., 31 gals., 10 cents. BANGOR, ME. DWELLINGHOUSES.—First faucet, single family, $5; each additional, $2; more than one family, one faucet, each family, $5. WATERCLOSET.—$3; each additional, $1; when used by two or more families, one house, each family, $3. BATHTUB.—$3; each additional, $1; when used by two…

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