Issue 20 and Volume 41.

READING—ITS FILTERS AND RESERVOIRS. Reading, Pa., supplies its citizens with twenty per cent, of the water filtered. At Antietam there are three open sand beds 100 x 144 ft. each, The elevation of water on the filters is 460 ft. and the capacity of each bed 1,750,000 gals, per day. The bacterial efficiency when the filters were first installed was 95.5 per cent. The results have greatly improved since. The amount expended during the year on account of the construction of the plant was $66,047.39. The Egelman filters consist of two open sand beds 40 x 55 ft. each. The elevation of the water on the filters is 667.00 ft.; the capacity of each bed, 250,000 gals, per day. The filters are doing better work each succeeding year, the bacterial efficiency having increased from 97.4 per cent, during the first year to 98.0 per cent, during the second year and…

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