Issue 20 and Volume 41.

FIRE NOTES FROM NEW JERSEY. NEWARK, N. J., May 7, 1907. Even if Mayor Shoenthal, of Orange, exaggerated somewhat when he stated that the fire department of that city was at present in a “deplorable condition,” the inspection made last week by two councilmen, members of the fire committee, proved that there was at least a solid foundation on which to base a movement looking towards its betterment. In company with Chief Matthews, they went round the different firehouses and found that all the apparatus in use is not as it should be, and that the hose wagons are overloaded. The condition of the headquarters house on Canfield easily justified all the criticisms that have been passed upon it for so many years. The other houses, except the new one on Forrest street, which has not as yet had time to worsen, and that on Washington street, stand greatly in…

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