Issue 20 and Volume 41.

CORRESPONDENCE OVERHEAD ELECTRICAL WIRES. To FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING: Putting aside the many dangers arising from the overhead electrical wires, such as the delays caused by the difficulty, sometimes the impossibility of raising the extension-ladders and of getting near enough to the seat of the fire to throw water on the flames or to rescue lives that are in peril, there remains that of imminent risk to the lives of the firemen themselves. Many of these wires, especially those owned by the power and trolley car companies carry a very high voltage, so that there is always the possibility of a telephone or a telegraph wire becoming crossed with a heavily charged wire—say, on a roof—and causing a fire. This has happened before, and there is no reason why it should not occur again. In case of fire, it is impossible for a fireman to tell which are dead or…

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