Issue 20 and Volume 41.

THE HARRISBURG FILTER PLANT Owing to the continuous pressure upon our space the accompanying article on the water supply of Harrisburg, Pa., has been held over from week to week, it will be found none the less interesting on that account. Those who were alive in 1844 will remember the first waterworks system built by F. Erdman. an engineer, in Harrisburg, when it was as yet only a borough. It was a very crude affair; but it was made to serve its purpose for nearly thirty years, till, in 1872-74, H. P. M. Birkbine, a civil engineer, built its successor, Harrisburg having by that time attained to the dignity of a city. In 1844 the source was then, as it is today, the Susquehanna river, from which a 30-in. cast iron pipe, laid 108 ft. from the shore, was used as an intake to bring the water to the pump…

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