Issue 24 and Volume 41.

NEPTUNE METER COMPANY. The Neptune Water Meter company, of New York, whose factory is located at Long Island City, borough of Queens, reports that it finds business very good all over the country, and that the demand for water meters and the company’s specialties was never better. The company and ounces that it expects to have a strong representation at the coming convention of tbe American Waterworks association, to be held in Toronto, Canada, on June 17, showing a full line of its meters, including a new device that this enterprising firm is placing upon the market, under tiie name of the “Single-Spud Meter,” which is claimed as filling a long-felt want, and is meeting with great success. The principal feature of this device is, that, instead of having two spuds to be attached to a pipe in the regular horizontal position, it has one spud located immediately underneath the…

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