Issue 24 and Volume 41.

METERAGE METHODS IN MANHATTAN. No wonder the installation of meters in Manhattan borough, New York, is unpopular, when the system of placing them is considered. A correspondent in a local paper describes the modus operandi as follows: “The order for the installation is left at the house; if not complied with by the owner within thirty days, the job is given by the department to an individual called a ‘city plumber.’ This is not a responsible official, but a political heeler employed by politicians. I am speaking with the facts behind me, when 1 say that the job done in this way costs from three to live times as much as when done by a responsible plumber under private employment. Men who own much propertv avoid this extortion by complying with the orders at once; but inexperienced owners, seeing from the notice that the department will do the work, often…

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