Issue 24 and Volume 41.

MORE WATER FOR SPRINGFIELD. Springfield, Mass., having decided upon an additional water supply to be furnished by Little river, the structures which are to be built as a first instalment, and as set down by Allen Hazen, C. E., will cost $2,161,000. This will include the filtration, with covered masonry filters of the entire water supply from the proposed source, and the construction of a distributing reservoir on Proven mountain near the city, which will maintain the higher pressure proposed very much better than it is possible to have it maintained through a long line of pipe. The preliminary estimate was as follows: Storage reservoir at Peeble s farm upon Borden brook, or other equivalent location, holding at least 500,000,000 gals., and as much more up to 1,000.000,000 as can be readily secured, $200,000; i take dam, with crest about 62 ft. above the present bed of the stream, at…

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