Issue 24 and Volume 41.

NEW JERSEY FIRE NOTES. The main building of the Waverley Paper Box Board company at Waverley was totally destroyed by fire with a loss of $70,000; other property was also damaged. The fire department of Newark responded to the alarm, and, when it left, the flames were extinguished, though a large amount of smouldering paper was left which would probably smoulder for several days.—At 2 o’clock a. m. on June 3 three lives were lost and a heavy fire-loss was sustained in the burning of the Newark Turn Verein hall. Only one stairway led from the janitor’s apartment to the street, and exit by that way was quickly cut off by the flames. Soon after the alarm was spread the janitor and his wife and child were seen frantically runnig about on the’ roof of an extension searching for some means to reach the ground. All perished in the flames.…

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