Issue 26 and Volume 41.

TROUBLE WITH WOOD-STAVE PIPE. The city of Danbury, Conn., has tried the much vaunted wood-stave pipe in building its new $300,000 water system, and is having trouble with it bfore it is finished. A 30-in. wood-stave pipe of red cedar was laid between the main reservoir and the distributing reservoir—a distance of a mile and a quarter—last fall and winter. It was completed within a few hundred feet when the ground froze so hard that work had to be stopped. Then it was discovered that a part of the pipe in a 25-ft. cut had buckled and collapsed from the weight of the frozen earth which had been put on top of it. After several attempts to fix it by placing concrete bands round it. the city decided to substitute 500 ft. of iron pipe for that which had collapsed. The laying of the iron pipe has just been completed…

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