Issue 26 and Volume 41.

FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING Because the law, as interpreted by the Supreme Court, said that the late Chief G. F. W. Scheevers of Springfield, Ill., was breaking the speed ordinance of the city, when he collided with a locomotive, as he was driving to a fire, his widow, who had secured a verdict of $2,500 in the Circuit court, is deprived of her money by a reversal in the higher court. The law in Illinois seems to be that the city ordinances must especially exempt firemen from the speed regulations, if they are to be entitled to damages sustained by driving faster than the ordinance permits when answering an alarm of fire. But how about the verdict of the citizens, if, in consequence of that interpretation of the law life and property are endangered by a less rapid method of reaching a fire? Flsewhere in this impression will be found…

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