Issue 26 and Volume 41.

NOTES ON PUMPING MACHINERY. At the new pumping station on the North Side of Chicago the recently installed pumping machinery has just been subjected to a twenty-four hour test, which revealed that the engines were far greater in efficiency than the contract between city and builders had stipulated. Designed by Engineer Henry A. Allen, the pumps did more work than their builders ever expected, and a large section of the city will enjoy, as the ultimate result, a more bountiful supply of water than appeared possible to give it. The guarantee of these engines was 162,000,000 foot-pounds at 1,000 pounds of superheated steam, while the “duty” attained during the test was more than 186,000,000 pounds, showing that they are better than any others now operated by the city. During 1906 the work done at Richmond, Va., by the waterwheel and engine respectively was as follows: Pumped b.y turbine, 109,910,000 gals.;…

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