Issue 4 and Volume 42.

CHIEF FILLMORE TYSON REAPPOINTED. It need hardly be noted that the mayor of Louisville, Ky., never entertained the slightest intention of removing Fillmore Tyson from his position as chief of the fire department of that city. The announcement to that effect was made after a committee from the Manufacturers’ association and the Underwriters had presented petitions signed by business men that Tyson be retained. These urged upon the mayor that the chief should be retained, because he is a fireman of long experience, and one who has proved himself capable of filing the position of head of the fire department. The manufacturers and the underwriters feel that the efficiency of that department is of such great importance to the safety of property that nothing should be done that would in any way disorganise it. One thing is certain, however, and that is that the department will be taken entirely out…

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