Issue 4 and Volume 42.

GREATER NEW YORE FIRE NEWS. At the beginning of this year Queens county, N. Y., alone had fifteen volunteer companies, with stations stretching clear across the county from Bayside to Woodhaven. The city of New York has recently formally installed the regular fire-service in Jamaica, Richmond Hill and Columbia. This extension considerably reduces the sphere of the volunteer fireman in Queens. The change affects districts where building operations are large, and where the demand for a fully cquiped municipal fire-service has been made emphatic by property holders, who are aware that no volunteer establishment can give to them the protection they have the right to expect as taxpayers of the greater city.—The proposal that photographs of those firemen of Greater New York, who have distinguished themselves sufficiently to enable them to win medals for bravery and perilous rescues—and, most especially, have lost their lives in the work, should be taken…

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