Issue 4 and Volume 42.

DESTRUCTIVE FIRE AT JACKSON. The Standard Oil company suffered what to ordinary companies would be a severe fire-loss at Jackson, Miss., on the morning of July 7, when its plant in that city was destroyed. The employes were preparing to empty two large tanks that were on the railway tracks into those of the storage yards. It might have been thought that those over the men would have had more sense than to allow them to use a coal oil pumping engine for this purpose much less to start it with gasoline. Apparently, however, intelligence did not rule sufficiently among the lot of them, and, as a necessary result, there followed an explosion and a fire—the largest the Jackson department ever had to fight. Chief Watters and his twentyone men worked well and intelligently for nearly five hours. The oil-soaked building was, of course, consumed in no time; but the…

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