Issue 4 and Volume 42.

BAD CONDITIONS AT BROOKPORT. Brookport, Ill., district is doubtless sorry that it did not start earlier with its improvements in it fire-protective service and that it did not look more careiully after the little it seemed to have. The new waterworks system, which ought to have been in operation before July 7, was still inoperative, and its fire-equipment, which is certainly a meagre description at best even for an average country village, was apparently left to look after itself. The village is said to have a fire department; but a fire had hardly broken out before the hose burst and was thereby put out of commission. The new waterworks system had not been put in operation; the telephone system was burned out and all connection with Paducah, Ky., where was the nearest fire department was cut off. There was, therefore, nothing left but to form a bucket-brigade composed of men…

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