Issue 6 and Volume 42.

THE CONEY ISLAND CONFLAGRATION No better spot than Coney Island could be selected for a big blaze. With one or two exceptions, all the buildings in the older part are of frame, huddled together anyhow, without regard to location, width or arrangement of streets alleyways and the like. In the present case the blaze possibly started from a cigar butt or a disused cigarette that set fire to something in the Cave of the Winds and smouldered on till it burst into flames. Its course among the frail shacks was told in last week’s impression. The high-pressure system worked admirably. It has already been described in this journal. Its new pumping station on Coney Island creek is fitted up with three Gould triple double-acting piston pumps, whose aggregate capacity is 4,500 gals, per minute. They can throw fifteen fire-streams of 300 gals, each, or eighteen of 250 each, the hydrant-pressure…

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