Issue 6 and Volume 42.

GREATER ECONOMY IN SMALL PUMPING STATIONS The pumping engine, more than any other form of engine, illustrates the gradual progress of steam from its most primitive form to the very highest achievement in the production of power. From the introduction of the first pumping engine by Watt into the mines of Cornwall in 1778, when he contracted to substitute steam for veritable horsepower, taking his pay from the saving in the cost of pumping, there has gone on a very slow, but sure progress in economies in steam consumption. In this the pumping engine has always kept well in the lead. This arises from several causes. First, they were built in larger units; the character of service was favorable; and, possibly more than anything else, municipal work did not restrict in original outlay, so the best engineering skill was brought into the design, and all that money could command into…

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