Issue 6 and Volume 42.

WATEETOWH AND ITS WATEE SUPPLY. Superintendent David S. Rundlett, of the water department of Watertown, Mass., reports that during the year ending January 31, 1907, the 6-in. and 4-in. mains on two streets were reconstructed; the change being from 4-in. cement-lined to 6-in. cast iron. This change was necessitated by the construction of the Cambridge water conduit through Taylor and Winter streets, the amount of pipe so changed being 573 ft., 6-in. pipe being substituted. In nine streets 3,396 ft. of 6-in, and 1,260 of 2-in. pipe were laid, the total extension amounting to 4,656 ft. The total amount of pipe (cement and cast iron, 16-in. to 4-in.) now in use is 37.24 miles, of which 5.49 miles is of less than 4-in. diameter. Five additional public and private hydrants were set—the total in use being 332. Nine stop-gates were added—making 419 in use, of which forty-eight are smaller than…

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