Issue 9 and Volume 42.

NEW JERSEY FIRE NOTES. Correspondence of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING. On August 19 the city council abolished the colored fire company in Asbury Park. The ordinance eliminating the company was vetoed by the mayor. That veto was overruled. President Kinmouth who had favored the colored company, changed front on the ground that a paid fire department was too expensive for Asbury Park. His excuse was looked upon as being made up of the gauziest of fine gauze material. As there is a strong colored vote in Asbury Park, someone’s head may fall at the next election, and possibly a certiorari warrant may issue.—A $2,000 Pope-Toledo automobile was destroyed by fire in front of the Hotel Majestic, Atlantic City, on the night of the 19th.—Misplaced red lights in the roadway caused the wagon of Assistant Chief Chi in, of Atlantic City, to lurch in a rut while crossing the meadows to…

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