Issue 9 and Volume 42.

IMPROVED FIRE PROTECTION AT COLUMBUS. Columbus, Ohio, is in the van of the march of improvement as regards both its fire protection and its water supply. A new fire engine house, No. 14, has been erected ano placed in commission; a new fire truck has been built by the department and is now in service; additional men have been added to the firelighting force; two new steamers, one extra-firstsize American-La France of at least 1,100-gal. capacity and a small-size Ahrens engine to be purchased; six additional fire-alarm boxes were installed; a new relay-board for the firealarm telegraph system (the whole system being kept in first-class order and repaired, chiefly by the men employed in the machine shop of the department at headquarters). Pile board of safety also adopted a new book of rules for the department, ordered into operation a new running book, and gave one day off in six,…

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