Issue 11 and Volume 42.

NATIONAL FIREMENS ASSOCIATION. Special to FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING. OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLA., Sept. 5, 1907. The tenth annual convention of the National Firemen’s association is in session in this city. The attendance is not as large as on some previous occasions, but is fairly representative. President McNeill s annual address was lengthy and dealt with the usual topics. It treated of the workdone by the association in the past, the maturing of its plans in ten years, its hopes and expectations in the future and the necessity for securing special legislation for firemen. The papers read and to lie read dealt with somewhat trite and commonplace subjects, some being devoted entirely to the principles of the association. The Oklahoma City fife department, under Chief Frank H. Kessler, who himself was down for a paper, was well in evidence. A full account follows by mail. H.

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