Issue 11 and Volume 42.

NEW JERSEY FIRE NOTES. Correspondence of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING. The Bayonne paid fire department has been established for one year, and the city may well be congratulated on thq successor of the volunteer organisation. Not that the latter did not good work. It did; but the citizens have found that a paid department has about it the elements of permanency, promptness and reliability at all hours of the day and night that could not be looked for in a volunteer department, many of whose members were necessarily out of the city during the day. Under .Chief Davis the present department is efficient and well equiped. and, altl ough it has answered over eighty alarms since January i, the loss has been comparatively small, the worst being a $10,000 loss on a foundry, in which the fire had made such headway before the alarm was turned in that it was…

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