Issue 11 and Volume 42.

SKETCH OF WHEELING AND ITS WATERWORKS Specially written for FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING. The city of Wheeling, W. Va., is situated on the dividing line between North and South and is one of the great work-centres of the Ohio valley. Its limits comprise 2,050 acres, in which is included a population of about 50,000, and its principal industries are iron, steel, glass, crockery and tobacco. The real foundation of the city is due to the settlement of the Zane family in that locality in 1790. As a municipality, it wds organised in 1806, although as a town, under the auspices of the Zanes, it began in 1795. In 1810 its population approximated 1,000, and in 1836 it was incorporated as a city, its manufacturing interests having by that time become very considerable. These have increased with such rapid ity that Winding is now one of the great work shops of…

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