Issue 11 and Volume 42.

THE ESOPUS CREEK DAM The Esopus creek in Ulster county, in itself an insignificant stream, has now come to the front as an important part of the Catskill supply for New York city. The creek flows through the centre of the land that will be used as the Ashokan reservoir basin. For some time it has been the scene of the engineers’ surveys for that dam, and round it has been done an immense amount of preliminary work The accompanying illustration, reproduced from the New York Tribune, will give some idea of the creek and the preparatory work. One of the first things that the engineers did was to build a weir on Esopus creek to measure the water flow. This was necessary as a preparation for the building of the Olive Bridge dam, one of the series in the Ashokan region, for which bids were recently submitted and opened,…

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