Issue 12 and Volume 42.

CORRESPONDENCE THE STORAGE OF CHEMICALS. TO FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING: The remarks in your impression of September 7 as to warehousemen keeping the bureau of combustibles and the chief of the fire department of New York city posted with respect to the storage of chemicals and the quantity and character of these goods were to the point. It would seem advisable that such reports should be of obligation and should be made weekly to the captain of every firehouse in the neighborhood of such warehouses, he to report them to the battalion chief. In case of any extraordinarily large shipment being made, or any extra explosive chemical or corrosive and suffocating acid being stored between times, that, also, should be specially reported. This would cause trouble to the warehousemen, who would, of course, try to shirk their responsibilities in every way. But, by a system of unexpected visits and inspections…

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