Issue 12 and Volume 42.

NEW YORK DEPARTMENT OP WATER SUPPLY CRITICISED. Dr. Kenneth F. Junor, of 458 Fast Twentyninth street, in a caustic letter to the Brooklyn Eagle, severely criticises the methods of the New York city department of water supply, and basing his censure on the “many strange things” he has discovered after some years of study. These discoveries embrace that of a “most curious condition of affairs at the Brooklyn end of the problem and an outrageous condition in the whole city supply management.” He adverts to the enormous expense incurred in paying for three reports, one by Mr. Freeman, another by Messrs. Burr, Herring and Freeman and a third by the Merchants’ association, to not one of which the department of water supply paid any “real regard.” He “found that most eminent engineers reported to the Merchants’ association in utter disregard of the facts collated by themselves in their reports to…

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