Issue 12 and Volume 42.

MILWAUKEE FIRES. Milwaukee, Wis., is a large city, covering a wide extent 01 territory and abounding in large manufactories, breweries and grain elevators. The amount of property thus tied up in buildings and their contents runs up into many millions, the lire protection, therefore, should be of the best, in order to guard against a wholesale destruction of property as well as of life. Under the rule of the lamented Chief holey the fire department reached a very high standard—one from which it has not in the least receded under Chief Thomas A. Clancy, who has proved himself a thoroughly good executive officer. This is shown by the comparatively small figures the fire-loss has reached since his accession to power as head of the fire department, and not least bv his report of the operations of himself and men during the past year. The department answered 1,811 alarms—thirty-one less than…

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