Issue 13 and Volume 42.

ELECTRO-MOTORS FOR FIREBOATS. Electricity is to supersede steam for the propelling of Chicago’s new fireboats and for operating their pumps. In each of, the two new boats ordered will be installed two 660-horsepower steam turbines, which are to be supplied with steam at a pressure of 160 lbs. A centrifu gal pump of sufficient capacity to deliver 4,500 gals, of water per minute, against a pressure of 150 lbs. per sq. in., is to be mounted on an extension of the bed plate f the turbine. A 200 kw. I). C. generator is to be mounted upon tlxbed-plate and direct connected to each turbine, the generator to be wound for a normal full lord voltage of 220 volts. The boat is to be equiped with twin screws, and each propeller shaft is to be direct connected to a 250-horsepower, 250 volt I), c. motor, op crating at 200 r. p.…

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