Issue 13 and Volume 42.

CENTRAL STATES WATERWORKS ASSOCIATION Special dispatch to FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING. WHEELING, W. VA., Sept. 19, 1907. The eleventh annual convention of the Central States Waterworks association, which has been in session here for the last three days, came to an end today. The convention has been well handled throughout by President Cook and the interest in its proceedings has been sustained to the end. The results have shown that the choice of Wheeling as the convention city was a fortunate one. A complete stenographic report of the proceedings is being forwarded. The election of officers for 1907-08 terminated as follows: President.John Langan, Tipton, Ind. Vicepresident. Wm. Schwertfegcr, Wheeling, W. Va. State Vicepresidents.—Elkanah Hullcy, Marion. Ind.; IM. Latta. Akron, Ohio; A. L. Holmes, Grand Rapids, Mich.; bred Bosch, Whitewater. Wis.; J. Ahearn, Nashville, Tenn.; W. J. Scroggins, Wheeling, W. Va.; T. II. Venter, McKeesport. Pa.; Dabney II. Maury, Peoria, 111.;…

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