Issue 14 and Volume 42.

BETTER PROTECTION AT CHICOPEE. At Chicopee, Mass., the water-pressure has been considerably increased, which means increased fire protection. A valve in the main pipe leading to the lower portions of the town will govern the pressure for Merrick and the Center, and, in fact, the pressure everywhere will be under complete control. Mittineague is now using only the Hear Hole water at an average pressure of about 50 lbs. When the standpip ii full, the pressure will be increased to about 75 lbs., where it will probably remain. The other parts of West Soringlield will ultimately receive about 80 lbs. pressure. What this increased force will mean in case of fire is readily aporeciated. The town has never had a satisfactory pressure for the protection of its buildings. Under the old system, a maximum of 8a lbs. was at one time obtained and a stream w’as thrown over th •…

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